New York Knicks Offseason Road Map

What can the New York Knicks do this offseason to rejuvenate this historic punch line of a franchise? What are their limited, mangled options, now that James Dolan, in his infinite lack of wisdom, has renewed Phil Jackson's contract, hobbling the Knicks with two more years of a president hindered by his own genius, not to mention Dolan himself?

If only the Zen Master would listen to his own good advice.

In his book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, he writes that "the most effective approach is to delegate authority as much as possible and to nurture everyone else's leadership skills as well"—that "Leadership is not about forcing your will on others" and "Winning is about moving into the unknown and creating something new." Yet he's been unrelenting in his crusade to force every new head coach to run the same offense he ran with the L.A. Lakers and Chicago Bulls.

He wrote about the need for players to have "compassion for each other" but did not show his players that compassion himself.

He wrote, "The soul of success is surrendering to what is," yet he has had roughly 8 million different players on his roster since he took the job in perpetual efforts to change what is.

So, first: Jackson should reread Eleven Rings. After that, here are the next six items on his offseason to-do list.  

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