NFL Nostalgia: Ranking the Best Offenses in NFL History

You are about to meet a handful of champions and lots of football history's most memorable failures. 

Something about fielding an all-time great offense doomed many of the teams on this countdown to an epic playoff defeat. Maybe defense really does win championships. More likely, balance wins championships, and the gaudy stats rung up by these high-octane offenses were overcompensation for some fatal flaw.

Whatever the case, teams made this list of all-time great offenses based on:

  • Basic stats, such as points scored, yards gained and passing efficiency, adjusted for era of course.
  • Advanced stats, like Football Outsiders' all-time DVOA ratings, which take into account myriad factors that can be overlooked by traditional stats.
  • Impact: legendary players, innovative coaches and influential schemes take precedence over getting hot for a year and scoring a lot of points, all other things being equal.

As with the all-time great teams countdown a few weeks ago, there's a "shadow" rule in effect, with each entrant representing the teams that preceded or followed it by two years. Otherwise, this might be a list of 1980s and '90s 49ers squads and modern Patriots teams.

This countdown will put a lot of points on the board.

But it might come up a little short at the end. 

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