Colin Kaepernick Thanks Eminem for Supporting Him in 'The Storm'

Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick thanked rapper Eminem for taking a stand against President Donald Trump and shouting out the former San Francisco 49er during Tuesday's BET Hip Hop Awards.

Kaepernick expressed his gratitude via his Twitter page and shared some of the rapper's freestyle verse (warning: NSFW language):

Alysha Tsuji of USA Today shared some of Eminem's lyrics that included the Kaepernick mention:

"This is for Colin (Kaepernick), ball up a fist

And keep that (expletive) balled like Donald the (expletive)...

Any fan of mine who's a supporter of his (Trump)

I'm drawing in the sand a line

You either for or against...

The rest of America, stand up

We love our military

We love our country

But we (expletive) hate Trump"


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