Asparagus and breast cancer study: What you need to know

asparagus and breast cancer

Blocking the amino acid asparagine in genetically modified mice was linked to slowed breast cancer metastasis, according to a research letter published in the journal Nature.

It’s an interesting premise, and one that’s likely worth further study, but as several of our alert Twitter followers pointed out to us, some journalists went overboard on this one:

@HealthNewsRevu scare article @guardian extrapolates mouse asparaginase study to asparagus give cancer!

— Pietro Ghezzi (@PietroGhezzi) February 8, 2018

Some resulting news coverage bordered on scare-mongering, primarily by making it sound like the findings apply to people. By our latest count, the story has appeared in The Guardian, the BBC, HuffPost UK, Medical News Today, The Boston Globe, among others.

Bottom line on this one? In what was almost the bottom line at the end of The Guardian’s story was a quote from a UK breast cancer charity executive: “On current evidence, we don’t recommend patients totally exclude any specific food group from their diet without speaking to their doctors.”

What you need to know:

asparagus and breast cancer

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