What AT&T's looming acquisition of Time Warner means for the future of the internet

Tech 15-6-2018 Mashable 39

No one spends $85.4 billion to do you a favor.

In its looming acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T sure as shit isn't about to make you rethink this fundamental truth. 

The telecommunications company is on the verge of a massive takeover, approved Tuesday by a federal judge, that has the potential to alter the media landscape in a profound way. And in spite of the perfunctory corporate protestations to the contrary, it doesn't take a market specialist to know who the beneficiaries of such a deal will be. 

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The odds are that it's not going to be you — or, for that matter, the desiccated scatterings of net neutrality's ghost. In fact, the experts we spoke with suggested that this move threatens competition, consumers, and the future of the internet in general.  Read more...

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