IHOb is dead and we're back to IHOP again

Tech 9-7-2018 Mashable 27

Remember all that drama over IHOP changing its name to IHOb?

The pancake chain ruffled feathers last month when it dropped the P for an unexplained lowercase b. After weeks of speculation, it was finally revealed that the b stood for burgers — adding solidly OK burgers to its repertoire of solidly OK breakfast foods. Other fast food chains jumped in on roasting IHOb, sparking the Great Brand Twitter War of 2018. 

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IHOb should really stand for "International House of betrayal," because less than a month since the big reveal, the former burger house is reverting back to its pancake roots. In an announcement on Monday, IHOP called its thoroughly underwhelming marketing stunt "the time we faked it." Read more...

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