Senator wants Pentagon to investigate Air Force's $10,000 toilet seat cover

US News 10-7-2018 ABC-US News 20

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is pushing for the Pentagon's oversight office to investigate whether the Air Force is paying $10,000 for a toilet seat cover used on a C-17 cargo plane. On June 6, Grassley asked the Department of Defense's Office of Inspector General (OIG) to look into the purchase of the toilet seat cover. But more than a month later, the senator said OIG has not responded to his request, prompting him to again press for answers along with "other possible examples of egregious and wasteful spending." The $10,000 cover was first revealed by Will Roper, the assistant Air Force secretary for acquisition, technology and logistics, during an interview with Defense One in May. In the interview, Roper explained that the Air Force occasionally needs parts that are no longer produced by the manufacturers that once signed licensing agreements with the Pentagon. Even if the company no longer makes a specific part, the Air Force still has to go through that company because of... 
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