This site helps you find good local food and tbh we’re hungry just thinking about it

Tech 12-10-2018 Mashable 28

Finding something to eat nowadays is easy. But finding good, locally sourced food, or the best restaurants that serve it, can be a chore. 

TasteAtlas is a new project that aims to make this easier by focusing on traditional cuisine, local food, authentic recipes and expert reviews.

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TasteAtlas chose its name well — it's a map of good food, but you can also search it for specific dishes or explore a single geographic region, like Liguria, Italy, a city like New York or a country like the United Kingdom

A Croatia-based project which has been in the making for three years, TasteAtlas contains nearly 10,000 dishes, drinks and ingredients and nearly 9,000 restaurants, gathered from all over the world by a team of 30 authors and researchers.  Read more...

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