The Snapchat Baby filter on characters from TV and movies is absolutely hilarious

Tech 16-5-2019 Mashable 34

One of Snapchat's latest filters is the weirdest thing to be born on the platform since the company had us puking rainbows. 

The Baby filter, which makes anyone who uses it look like a 2-year-old, is wildly fun to play with. In addition to users posting pictures of themselves as babies, they're also putting the filter on celebrities and  characters from our favorite movies and TV shows, too. I never thought I'd see the Hulk with a baby face but alas, it's 2019 and the internet just doesn't sleep when it comes to odd but totally necessary content.  Read more...

The cast of the Avengers: Endgame as toddlers is something that cannot be unseen. You've been warned. 

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