He's legally blind, so he makes self-driving car sensors to 'see'

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Nico Gentry has always loved cars. "I wanted so badly to get my permit and eventually my driver's license," the 25-year-old manufacturing engineer from Orlando, Florida, told me in a recent phone call. But a neurological disorder called nystagmus that affects his eyes means he's been legally blind since birth. 

Instead of learning to drive, when he was just 14 he helped his dad build a 1978 Mustang — what he calls his dream car. "I wanted to drive my dream car. But I realized I wouldn't be able to do that," he said. 

Last year, Gentry and his dad —who is also an engineer — built a custom electric bicycle that he can use to get around, since he can still partially see — just not enough to safely drive a car. The bike is one of the "little hacks," as he calls them, that's important for his mobility independence. Plus it beats pedaling to work on a cheap bicycle with no electric boost. Read more...

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