'Bugsnax' review: chaotic fun with an confusing center

Tech 12-11-2020 Mashable 25
'Bugsnax' review: chaotic fun with an confusing center

Bugsnax delivered more than I was expecting, and I was expecting a lot.

The narrative-driven adventure game from Young Horses — out Nov. 12 on MacOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5 (!!!) — gives players the adorable-yet-consumable title creatures we’ve been craving since that first trailer dropped, of course. But, much to my surprise and ultimate delight, Bugsnax also offers an emotionally complex play experience unlike any other in recent memory. It’s Pokémon meets Nancy Drew meets, I dunno, a few very specific elements of Snowpiercer? There’s a lot to love, some to not, and a bit I’m still chewing over.  Read more...

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