SoulCycle's at-home bike is great for Soul diehards

Tech 27-11-2020 Mashable 30
SoulCycle's at-home bike is great for Soul diehards
SoulCycle at-home bike
The Good
It's a well-made • sturdy bike. • No at-home bike will do a better job capturing the SoulCycle experience. • It's easy to use and provides a solid workout. • The instructors are • overall • good. • There's no pressure from a numbers-focused workout.
The Bad
Peloton does a lot better. • It's really • really expensive. • The user interface isn't perfect • Live classes still have some kinks and the class library isn't huge. • It's difficult to track workout performance.
The Bottom Line
This might be the best option for SoulCycle diehards committed to that unique style of spinning. For others, there might be better, less expensive options.
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