Reserve Centralized Repair Facility provides strategic depth

A newly upgraded T-56 Rolls Royce 3.5 modified engine is tested at various speeds and monitored by  Contract Field Team member, Barry Wertz,  to ensure the engine and propeller meets performance specifications on Jan. 4, 2021, at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., before delivery to an Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard C-130H Hercules squadron. Contract Field Team members at the test cell facility ensure each engine is serviceable, troubleshoots any issues, and performs additional inspections. (U.S. Air Force Reserve photo by Maj. Ashley Walker)
Since AFRC acquired the T-56 CRF maintenance contract in 2015, more than 190 C-130H engines were upgraded with the 3.5 modifications which provide significant improvements in fuel economy and performance.

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